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Neil Rodgers


Company Position: Director / Trainer

Neil Rodgers, Director and TrainerNeil started teaching first aid in 2003 working as a freelance first aid trainer for a number of local, and national first aid training organisations. Despite learning a great deal whilst working with these training organisations he felt that, their training methods were sometimes lacking.

As a result, he established 2nd Chance First Aid in 2005 to provide high quality first aid training to clients with a national coverage.

The emphasis is on making the training fun, enjoyable but most importantly memorable. Neil believes that as first aid is a practical subject, training should reflect this by being as practical as possible. Plenty of time is dedicated to ensuring students will be as prepared as possible for a real life first aid emergency.


Neil's first aid background started back in 1988 when at the age of fourteen he achieved a first aid qualification through the local Army Cadet Force. Since then he has held various first aid qualifications at different levels. He joined the Royal Engineers (Army) in 1995 serving in the UK, Poland, Germany, Bosnia & Croatia using his first aid skills on numerous occasions.

After leaving the Army in 2001, Neil joined Gloucestershire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, qualifying as an Emergency Medical Technician. Working full time on emergency ambulances, Neil gained most of his first aid experience being exposed to all types of medical emergencies on a daily basis.

Leaving the NHS in 2006 to concentrate on developing 2nd Chance First Aid further, Neil continues to spend time working on emergency ambulances in the private sector to ensure his skills remain current and up to date.

Neil Rodgers Neil Rodgers 



We have been using 2nd chance First Aid for all our first aid / Epi-pen courses for the last 6 years. 
After completing 1st aid training every 3 years for the last 20 years I personally found some training centre's in the past have become monotonous and strained in there approach to teaching 1st aid. With all trainee's minds focusing not on the holistic approach to 1st aid - but the pass or fail re-enactment test at the end of the course.
Thankfully with 2nd chance 1st aid the course is held at a venue of your choice - this helps in keeping a calm environment which inevitably helps staff  retain information. Neil ensures the course is suitably tailored to the group and ensures all his information and teaching techniques are currently endorsed practices. 
1st aid training is a serious training qualification, however my staff (especially new to child care) have remembered lots of detailed information due to the fun yet importantly informative way Neil teaches.
Roll on March 2012 when we will be seeing Neil again.