First Aid At Work Courses

Our First Aid at Work courses are designed to provide you with the skills needed to cope with situations that require first aid in the workplace.

The courses we offer are all Level 3 Awards in First Aid at Work. These qualifications are a part of the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF), which are regulated by OfQual, the official regulator in England Wales and Northern Ireland.

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What Are First Aid At Work Courses?

First Aid at Work courses are designed to teach people how to practice first aid in the workplace, as required by law. Our First Aid at Work courses are all regulated by OfQual under the Regulated Qualifications Framework, meaning that they are officially recognised first aid at work qualifications. To ensure your qualifications remain valid, we also provide requalification and annual update versions of our First Aid at Work training courses.

Why Attend A First Aid At Work Course?

There are many reasons why you might want to attend a First Aid course with us in Gloucestershire. Typical reasons for learning emergency first aid skills include:

  • It is a legal requirement for employers to risk assess their workplace first aid. Our Level 3 award First Aid at Work courses fulfil the statutory requirement needed to comply with the law.
  • To ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible by having fully qualified first aiders in the workplace.

Who Needs To Attend A First Aid At Work Course?

To meet the statutory requirements of the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, it is an employer's responsibility to undertake a risk assessment for first aid at work. It is necessary to therefore appoint at least one employee to be responsible for this. Once the risk assessment has taken place you will be in a position to know how many first aiders will be needed. Our First Aid at Work courses qualify the attendee for both undertaking the risk assessment for first aid at work and for first aid training.

Where Do Your Emergency First Aid Courses Take Place?

Our First Aid at Work courses take place in our training centre in Quedgeley in south Gloucester, or by request in your work premises. Please contact us for details and pricing, if you need the training in your own premises.